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We provide you with opportunities to reliably monetise your talents

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Brand events
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We are not a platform. We provide a human-to-human campaign experience.

We will personally connect you with the best brands. Providing you with creative freedom and seamless payment experience with our tightly-knit campaigns team.

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A limited number of spaces

For a short period of time our network is open to all new members. After this period our network will be invite only.

The Media Kit

The most valuable tool to land partnerships and clients. Use your live and sharable media kit link to send to brands and agencies.

Convincing brands your Instagram reaches their target audience.
Your media kit will:

  • Display the demographic of your followers
  • Present your average reach, impressions and engagements
  • Your minimum pricing for basic feed and story posts (this is usually negotiated on a per-campaign basis)
  • Brands you have worked with in the past

Land deals with the brands of your choice

  • Brands want quality reach with accurate demographic stats, not just large numbers
  • Share a professional media kit with brands to improve your likelyhood of success

The most detailed media kit

  • You will own a custom link which you can share with brands
  • Your media kit will show live data from Instagram

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